Device Tree 演讲资料

历年 ELC 和 ELCE 大会有关 Device Tree 的演讲材料

Tutorial: Device Tree (DTS), Linux Board Bring-up and Kernel Version Changing [ELC 2020]

  • 演讲者:Schuyler Patton, Texas Instruments
  • 摘要:This presentation provides a review of Some Lessons Learned on Device Tree (DTS), Linux Board Bring-up and Kernel Version Changing.

BoF: Devicetree [ELCE 2018][ELCE 2017]

  • 演讲者:Frank Rowand, Sony
  • 摘要:This talk provides an overview of recent devicetree changes, current issues, and what activity may be happening in the near future.
  • 下载:PDF | VIDEO

Stable Devicetree ABI: it’s possible! [ELCE 2017]

  • 演讲者:Lucas Stach, Pengutronix
  • 摘要:This talk presents the lessons learned by the Pengutronix kernel and bootloader team while working with the NXP i.MX6 platform.
  • 下载:PDF | VIDEO

Devicetree Hardware Autoconfiguration [ELCE 2016]

  • 演讲者:Hans de Goede, Red Hat
  • 摘要:This talk will discuss about what is and is not possible wrt dynamic devicetree usage as well as give does and don’ts for people who want to use dynamic devicetree themselves.
  • 下载:PDF | VIDEO

Solving Devicetree Issues, part 3 [ELCE 2016]

  • 演讲者:Frank Rowand, Sony
  • 摘要:This session will present new tools and techniques that have recently arrived in mainline or are under active development to make device tree easier to use. See Device_Tree_presentations_papers_articles#debug for part 2, presented at OSS Japan, and for a link to supporting resources (patches, etc).
  • 下载:PDF | VIDEO

The Device Tree as a Stable ABI: A Fairy Tale? [ELC 2015]

  • 演讲者:Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons
  • 摘要:With the extensive use of Device Tree for hardware representation, the presentation talks about ways to handle the requirement of stable ABI, where older versions of Device Tree continues to work with newer kernels.
  • 下载:PDF

Transactional Device Tree & Overlays: Making Reconfigurable Hardware Work [ELC 2015]

  • 演讲者:Pantelis Antoniou, Konsulko Group
  • 摘要:This session talks about different challenges invovled in device tree and also covers overlay mechanism for making reconfigurable hardware work.
  • 下载:PDF

Tutorial: Solving Device Tree Issues [ELCE 2015]

  • 演讲者:Frank Rowand, Sony Mobile
  • 摘要:This talk will focus on the status of debug facilities, how to debug device tree issues, and debug tips and tricks.Suggestions will be provided to driver writers for how to implement drivers to ease troubleshooting. See Device_Tree_presentations_papers_articles#debug for a link to supporting resources (patches, etc).
  • 下载:PDF

Transactional Device Tree & Overlays: Making Reconfigurable Hardware Work [ELCE 2014]

  • 演讲者:Pantelis Antoniou, NVIDIA
  • 摘要:This presentation give information on device tree, its component elements and what changes to be done according to the board configurations.
  • 下载:PDF

ACPI And Device Trees – Friends Or Foes? [ELCE 2014]

  • 演讲者:Rafael J. Wysocki, Intel OTC
  • 摘要:These slides talks about Origins of ACPI, ACPI vs Device Trees matching devices to drivers,existing driver lookup algorithms.
  • 下载:PDF

devicetree: Kernel Internals and Practical Troubleshooting [ELCE 2014]

  • 演讲者:Frank Rowand, Sony Mobile
  • 摘要:This talk examines how the Linux kernel uses a devicetree. Topics include the kernel devicetree framework, device creation, resource allocation, driver binding, and connecting objects.
  • 下载:PDF

Engaging Device Trees [ELC 2014]

  • 演讲者:Geert Uytterhoeven, Glider bvba
  • 摘要:This talk addresses challenges and offers best practices for a smooth transition from board files and platform devices via DT-aware systems to pure-DT systems.
  • 下载:PDF

Device Tree for Dummies [ELC 2014] [ELCE 2013]

  • 演讲者:Thomas Petazzoni
  • 摘要:These slides give information on User perspective: booting with the Device Tree, basic Device Tree syntax and compilation and examples of Device Tree usage.
  • 下载:PDF

Best Practices for Long Term Support and Security of the Device-Tree (DT) [ELCE 2013]

  • 演讲者:Alison Chaiken
  • 摘要:This presentation discusses about how DT complicates updates, strategies for updates including DTBs, best practices in creating DTS and tools to make DT comprehensible to non-experts.
  • 下载:PDF

Board File to Device Tree Migration: A War Story [ELCE 2013]

  • 演讲者:Pantelis Antoniou
  • 摘要:These slides describe the journey of migration from board file to device tree.
  • 下载:PDF

Devicetree: The Disaster So Far [ELCE 2013]

  • 演讲者:Mark Rutland
  • 摘要:This presentation talks about what was wrong with board files, what device tree is (and what it isn’t), the problems we have, and how to fix them and what we need to do in future.
  • 下载:PDF

Maintainer’s Diary: Devicetree and Its Stumbling Blocks [ELCE 2012]

  • 演讲者:Wolfram Sang, Pengutronix e.K.
  • 摘要:This presentation discusses about device tree and its advantages.
  • 下载:PDF

Supporting 200 Different Expansionboards: The Broken Promise of Devicetree [ELCE 2012]

  • 演讲者:Koen Kooi, Circuitco
  • 摘要:This presentation talks about device tree and beaglebone board support.
  • 下载:PDF

Flattened Device Tree ARM Support Update [ELC 2010]

  • 演讲者:Grant Likely
  • 摘要:This presentation talks about Device Tree, integration with the Linux device model and ARM specific.
  • 下载:PDF

Developer’s Diary: The Device Tree [ELCE 2009]

  • 演讲者:Wolfram Sang
  • 摘要:This presentation discusses the problems for adapting drivers: I2C, UIO and GPIO.
  • 下载:PDF

Using Device Trees on ARM Platforms [ELCE 2009]

  • 演讲者:Vitaly Wool
  • 摘要:These slides discuss about what is device trees, ARM “mach-types” drawbacks and DTs and ARM: current status.
  • 下载:PDF

A Symphony of Flavours: Using the Device Tree to Describe Embedded Hardware [ELC 2008]

  • 演讲者:Grant Likely
  • 摘要:This presentation discusses about what is device tree, What’s So Special About Tree Data Structure and some examples.
  • 下载:PDF

Device Tree and Embedded Linux [ELCE 2008]

  • 演讲者:Vitaly Bordug
  • 摘要:This presentation talks about what is device tree, its proc and cons, implementation issues and activities to mitigate and use cases.
  • 下载:PDF | VIDEO

注:ELC 是 Embedded Linux Conference 的缩写,ELCE 是 Embedded Linux Conference Europe 的缩写。


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